Orvis - Bamboo Fly Rod - The Adirondack

Orvis - Bamboo Fly Rod - The Adirondack

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5-weight, full flex 7½-foot, 4 1/8-oz. 2-piece split bamboo rod.

The Adirondack is easily one of the finest 5-weight bamboo fly rods ever produced. There may be nothing as traditional and rewarding in fly fishing as a crisp cast and a perfect presentation made from an impeccably designed bamboo fly fishing rod. The traditional bamboo rod has a crisp feel and the strength of a swelled butt design with the delicate tip action that casts like a classic split bamboo. Each Adirondack is handmade here in the USA.

No other piece of sporting equipment in the world invokes such reverence for tradition as the split cane bamboo fly rod. These are Orvis’ bread and butter - this well known fly fishing company has been building and designing bamboo fly rods for over a century, so they really do know what they’re doing when it comes to this incredible material. The craftsmen at Orvis are responsible for some of the most important innovations in their design and construction. The result? Heirloom bamboo fly rods with surprising power, grace, and that passionate charm that you’re looking for with a bamboo rod. In a twenty-first century world full of technologically advancing whirlwinds, the Adirondack represents a lasting bastion of workbench craftsmanship.

Each Adirondack Full Flex Bamboo Fly Rod is built keeping traditional practices and values of fly fishing in mind. As a result, these rods exhibit impeccably sharp and accurate casting with balance, grace, and finesse like none other. Orvis has perfectly blended a strong backbone and immaculate sensitivity into this piece of functional art that stands a class apart from its competitors. For questions about the Adirondack, feel free to contact us here at Aventuron any time. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have and help guide you through the process of investing in the best piece of sporting equipment you will ever own.

  • 5-weight, full flex 7½-foot, 4 1/8-oz. 2-piece split bamboo rod.

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